Thursday, 29 August 2013

Potty behaviour

Rather a difficult front page story for this week's Westmorland Gazette.

Cumbria Police Chief Stuart Hyde has been cleared of major wrong-doing after a long and expensive investigation by the authorities. But Cumbria's new police and crime commissioner begs to differ and has called for his resignation or retirement.

A legal minefield at best and not one my steamed editor wished me to tiptoe into. I ignored him, of course, and you can see my view of it below.

The other story which caught my cartoonist's eye was a protest about dog control orders. These were hugely complicated and legalistic measures brought in by our dear South Lakeland District Council, to curb naughty dogs from doing unmentionable things in public places. Given that very few dogs could read the orders, I'm not sure what they were designed to achieve. Some of the public feel similarly and have organised a protest on Saturday. 

As usual, here is the selection of ideas I thrust at my editor. Which would YOU have chosen? Make your comment below and then race here, sirens blaring, to find out if you were correct.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Power to the People

Catching up …

Last week's new-look, bigger, brighter Westmorland Gazette had several stories of interest for a cartoonist. 

The first was a visit by excellent actor Warwick Davis to the Grasmere Games. Sadly this one was ruled out for fear of upsetting somebody or other (I have no idea who).

The other story was about the introduction of more electric car power points throughout the Lakes, to cater for the three electric cars which visit each year.

As usual, the choice of sketches lies below. Feel free to vote for your favourite in the comments and then buzz across to my website to see if your choice matches my editor's.