Friday, 8 October 2010

By Royal Appointment

After two weeks when the Westmorland Gazette front page featured stories I had tackled before, this week I had a diverse range of new topics to tackle. This can also lead to problems. It’s easy to take a scattergun approach and skip across the surface of all of them, without producing a very satisfactory cartoon. 
A number of eco-homes have been built on a local estate without, it seems, any planning permission. Despite having been there for a while and being home to a number of people, they now have to go. The residents are being evicted, the homes demolished. Meanwhile, the Royal Academy is spending large sums of money to recreate a Lakeland barn in its London HQ, to commemorate Kurt Schwitters, the sculptor. Schwitters built something similar in the Lakes, although the original has now gone. These two stories have a pleasing symmetry when on the hunt for a cartoon.
A third story had a Royal connection. Prince William (if you lose track, he’s the one that’s next but one in line to the throne) is now serving with RAF Rescue in Anglesey. Morecambe Bay is part of his beat, so he could be dropping in any time soon.
Here are the sketches for the cartoons. Scroll to the end and you can see which was chosen. The original sketch was almost - but not quite - better than the finished artwork.

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