Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Jingle Sales

Welcome to Twixtmas, which is apparently the new name for that bit between Christmas and New Year. That time when some of us are back at work, and some are still enjoying time off. That time when some are still too stuffed to move and some are stocking up for New Year.
And most of all, that time when the New Year Sales have burst forth, seven days early.
According to retailers interviewed by The Westmorland Gazette, the sales have not been all they expected this year. The bargain hunters stayed home in droves, through a mixture of apathy, recession and ice. Not even the chance to beat the VAT increase brought them out.
So that was the subject for this week’s cartoon.
Not particularly easy and, as you can see from the first two sketches submitted, not all that inspiring. I did better with the second two. In fact, I thought the 4th was an idea of unsurpassed brilliance. This is, of course, always a sign that no one else will like it, find it funny or even get it. And I’ve been doing this job long enough to know that they may well be right.
See what you think. Feel free to add comments below, then rush out to buy a paper to see which one made the front page. And if you’re put off by the ice, you can see the cartoon on my website, in full and glorious colour.


  1. If my maths was better I guess I would understand that last cartoon better lol.

    Can't decide whether I like the first or third one better.

  2. I had to go to the VAT calculator site to research number 4, so I can claim categorically that it is accurate.