Thursday, 17 March 2011

Family Guy

International news featured in the award-winning Westmorland Gazette this week. The leader of the Free World (as opposed to the Paid-For World) is visiting the UK in May and the campaign is on to get him to visit the North West.
More specifically, Warton. This unassuming village (which is neither sleepy nor nestling anywhere, despite being outside the London media circus) has connections with George Washington. Specifically, his ancestors lived there and one of them helped build St Oswald’s Church. The stained glass window has the family coat of arms which, legend has it, inspired the design of the US flag. The villagers still run the US flag up the village flag pole every 4th July.
I’m not sure why Barak Obama should feel particularly impelled to visit someone else’s ancestral home, just because they once held the same job as him. But any excuse to get a state visit.
On the other hand, if the President would like to venture a few miles north, an even more epoch-making connection may be established.
Here are the cartoons I pitched for the paper this week. One of them was clearly doomed not to get in. To find out which of the other three hit the editorial bullseye, pop over to my website at once or rush out and buy the paper.

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  1. Excellent - some of favourites so far. I can't decide between 2 or 3...Think I'll go for 3.