Thursday, 25 August 2011

Going up in smoke

Smoking is a contentious issue. 
There are those who think it is bad for you - e.g. medical practitioners. Then there are those who think it makes you look sexy, is a declaration of free will and may even prolong your life by keeping away germs - e.g. everyone in the tobacco industry, UKIP members and the certifiably deluded.
So when a local councillor proposed a New York-style ban on smoking in public open recreational spaces - such as play grounds - you can guess the lines along which opinion divided. 
“Good thing too,” declare the medical lobby (which is a sort of corridor with doctors), “it prevents secondary smoking.”
“Secondary smoking? No such thing!” cry various outraged interest groups, political ne’er-do-wells and people whose regular domicile is a padded cell.
I like to remain neutral on most matters * but will happily admit to coming down on the side of the smoking-is-harmful-and-makes-you-look-like-a-weak-willed-pillock side of this argument. So I was moderately gleeful when the story appeared for my consideration in this week’s Westmorland Gazette.
Below are the four sketches I submitted. I won’t say which one got in but here’s a hint: It required a slight caption change.
If you wish to see the chosen cartoon in unrealistic colour, sashay forthwith to my website.

(* I’m lying)

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