Thursday, 1 March 2012


Newspapers are a fast-moving environment. The news waits for no man (or cartoonist).
Up to a point, Lord Cropper.
In the world of the regional newspaper, some stories come around again and again. This week’s Westmorland Gazette stories were good examples. The Morecambe Bay HNHS Trust is still gathering headlines, with the resignation last week of its director. And this week it is being sued for negligence.
And out on the balmy shores of Windermere, the Canada geese continue to draw attention; 2600 petition signatories (including Bill Oddie and Brian May) want to save them but the National Park Authority wants to cull them. In fact, the Park wants to go on a culling spree and extend it to Grasmere and Coniston.
Here are this week’s rough sketches for the front page cartoon. One or two may look familiar. They’re the sort of stories where the prudent cartoonist banks ideas, knowing the topics will come around again.
To see which hit the front page, visit my website here.

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