Thursday, 27 September 2012


Cumbrians took a brief break, this week, from their usual activity of watching the weather and building arks. And what did they do? Shoved coins into some trees. This is a craze sweeping the county. It used to be that if you showed someone a well, they’d throw money down it. Now they stick it to the trees. Although it’s probably safer than putting it in a bank.
Elsewhere, strange objects have been seen in the sky and the ghost of Mitt Romney’s ancestor has been seen in a local pub. Funny how ghosts always appear somewhere someone can make money out of them. Perhaps they’ll be in trees next.
Here are the ideas I presented to my steamed editor. 
But which, I hear you cry, made it to the front page of The Westmorland Gazette?
Take a guess. Leave a comment. Then boogie on over to my website to see if you were right.

(Click cartoon for supersize 3D version.)


  1. I like them all! If I had to decide I'd pick 'winter holiday in the sun' or 'I told you not to flush'. Ha ha – yes, I'm still undecided!

  2. Definitely the first one - it produced an involuntary guffaw.