Thursday, 6 December 2012


At this special time of year, what could be better than rushing into the countryside and throwing your clothes off for charity?
Well, any number of things. I can think of about a million. However, five female members of Cartmel Young Farmers Club decided to shed their kit for a charity calendar in aid of the Great North Air Ambulance, and St Mary’s Hospice, Ulverston. 
The Westmorland Gazette describes this “X-Tractor” event as involving “five farming lovelies”, which made me think that somewhere out there might be “five farming horribles”. But that was a distraction from this week’s cartoon.
Here are the four ideas I submitted to my steamed editor for the front page cartoon. “But which,” I hear you ejaculate, “did he choose? And was it the one I would have chosen?”
Calm down, dear reader. Make your choice in the comments box below and then throw caution to the winds and head to my website to see if you were correct.

If you want to contribute to the charity, you can buy a calendar by calling 07791413163.

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