Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nuclear Dumped

For several months now, there have been constant rumblings about a plan to site an underground nuclear waste facility in the UK. In an odd move, our beloved government asked councils to bid to host the facility. 
The rush was underwhelming and it came down to two - Allerdale and Copeland - both on the west coast of Cumbria.
Anti-nuclear campaigners called it a nuclear waste dump and said it would ruin the image of the Lake District, ignoring that Sellafield has been storing and managing nuclear waste in Cumbria for over 50 years.
Yesterday, Cumbria County Council voted no to the plan, overruling the district councils of Allerdale and Copeland, who were rather more keen on the idea (and the jobs).
Given the above, I was keen to tackle this story for my front-page Westmorland Gazette newspaper cartoon. You can see the ideas below, each of which was submitted to my steamed editor.
Which would you choose? Will you pick the same one as the editor to win this week’s star prize?* Vote in the comments and then sashay over to my website to find out if you were right.

* A stick of genuine Lake District rock which glows suspiciously in the dark.

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