Friday, 7 November 2014

Banks bunking off

Banks are disappearing from rural communities. Like post offices, the village bobby, pubs, telephone kiosks and flashers, what was once part of the fabric of rural life is now going the way of the dodo. (They're disappearing, not being hunted and eaten by sailors.)

The assumption is that these days everyone can do internet banking. Country residents still struggling on internet dial-up, slow broadband speed or frequent breaks in service may care to disagree. And many of them won't relish the prospect of a long bus journey to their nearest high street bank.

The closure of more branches in South Lakes is one of the main stories in this week's Westmorland Gazette. It seemed a good target for the front page cartoon. 

Below are four ideas I submitted to my steamed editor. His choice is shown at the end. But which one would you have chosen? Make your vote in the comments below.

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