Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Thin Blue Line

Controversy in South Cumbria last week as a local councillor suggested that Kendal might be enlivened by a lap dancing club. He was quick to point out that it could be either men or women dancing on your lap but too late - calls for resignation followed.

Elsewhere a major crime initiative was underway. Several shops have installed cardboard policemen to deter thieves. The image on the cutout was modelled on a policeman from Whitehaven and has been dubbed PC Boardman.

These are the two stories which fell across the Westmorland Gazette cartoon desk last week. You can see my reactions to them below with the final choice shown in colour. 

Did the editor pick the right one? Have your say in the comments box and fame will be yours forever.


  1. No 1 gets my vote!

  2. No 1 should have been chosen. The actual chosen one makes no sense unless you know the story and it's not really funny. Bad choice on editor's part.

  3. Am I alone in liking no.2? Though they all get a chuckle.... as ever. Lap dancing? Strangely I've just been asked to partner a girl friend on a pole dancing course (two to a pole apparently). Perhaps the pole will turn out to be an undercover policeman!
    PS.....Don't understand this 'select profile' business, unless we're back to the cardboard cut outs again? Why can't I be me?
    Gill x