Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Even Truer Grit

Whilst the rest of England dissolves into chaos (i.e. the South gets a few flakes of snow), Cumbria has had snow for nearly three weeks. Clear roads and pavements are a fond and distant memory and we’re now at the recrimination stage. 
The Council has Held A Meeting to discuss whether to issue an apology for the lack of grit. Uncollected bin bags are piling up at the kerb (and we’re only allowed two per household, remember). 
All of which is good news for cartoonists. Below are the four ideas submitted for this week’s Westmorland Gazette cartoon.
You can see the one chosen from Thursday morning, either on the front of the paper or on my website in glorious technicolor.


  1. Mr Rumbold votes for number 1.

  2. We're only allowed two per household as well. However, they like us to pile all the bags in one place. Simple division indicates that some people aren't playing by the rules (that and the occasional sofa)