Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Planes, Trains and Number Twos

This week's Westmorland Gazette presented two likely subjects for cartoons. The first of them, a little unsavoury; an influx of slurry into a local river was saved from being an environmental disaster by the unseasonably high rainfall in the Lake District. (It rarely rains in the Lake District.)

The other story revolves around a website which offers up the use of driveways as a solution to the problem of urban parking. Oxenholme railway station, just outside Kendal, has high charges so a couple of houses nearby are renting out their drives.

Here are the unexpurgated sketches. If you want to know which one got in, buy tomorrow's Westmorland Gazette, visit my website or see which one Clare votes for below.


  1. It has to be 2, though I suspect the editor of the Westmoreland Gazette is a puritan at heart - so I predict 1.

    Thanks for the mention, Colin :-)

  2. Actually I'd got for 3, had to sell my children recently to be able to afford to park at Oxenholme (joke - no one would take them) (joke again, they're quite nice really, please don't refer me to social services)

  3. Travelling at weekends means parking is cheaper - £2 for the whole day. But they don't tell you there's no train back so you get to travel on a (slow) coach and visit every village on the way back to Oxenholme. Hooray! Takes double the time, makes you late and ratty when you (finally) get back and means you have to rescue exhausted little old ladies in their 80s that the rail people can't be bothered to look after.