Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Windermere Triangle

You may have heard mention of this on national radio. It is a mystery like no other; deeply disturbing, profound and baffling, which has consumed world-renowned experts for all of five minutes.
Basically, if you parked at a certain spot on Windermere’s main street, your electronic car fob ceased to work. Immediately conspiracy theories erupted. It was aliens, it was ghosts, a disturbance in the Earth’s aura, Geisterwege, a weird geo-electrical fault in the Earth’s crust, Windermere was on a ley line.
My theory was that Windermere was feeling left out of it when someone spotted a log in the lake last year, shouted “Monster!” and dubbed it Bownessie. Time to get a few gul- psychically-minded punters to the Windermere shops.
It turns out that it was … no, you’ll have to read the story
Meanwhile, it was one of the subjects for this week’s Westmorland Gazette cartoon. Along with a cancelled charity run and, rather excitingly, someone being Tasered by the police at a local hotel.
As usual, on Thursday you can see which one got in my visiting my site or heading off to Windermere to buy a copy of the newspaper. Just watch where you park … (cue X-Files music).

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