Thursday, 20 May 2010

Eating Crow

This week's Westmorland Gazette featured a story on birdies. Both the golfing and the feathered variety.

The two came together when a bunch of smarter-than-yer-average crows twigged that golfers on Ulverston golf course stopped for mid-morning snacks around hole 9. Eschewing worms, they have learnt to unzip golfing bags and extract chocolate bars. (The crows, that is, the golfers may well have already known how to do this.)

Stepping carefully round a minefield of puns, I produced five cartoon ideas for this. You can see which one got in by visiting my website or buying the newspaper.


  1. Yessss!!!!

    Mind you .. first time I've got it right

  2. Your prize for this is two night's free accommodation at a luxury Lake District hotel. Or three, if you're badly behaved.