Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Illustrated Finale pt 2

From 6.00 p.m. BST today I'll be illustrating the winning lines in The Society of Authors Twitter short story Grand Finale.

Neil Gaiman's opening line will be posted at 6 p.m. BST. Using the #soatale search tag, you can tweet a suggested next line until 6.30 (you can have as many goes as you like). I'll illustrate the opening line on this blog and it will appear shortly after 6.30.

At 7.00 the winning line goes up and again, when entries close at 7.30, I'll post an illustration. The final line goes live at 10.00l. Good luck and I hope I illustrate one of  YOUR lines!

You can see the results from this morning's Twitterthon here.

Neil Gaiman's FIRST LINE :  "Quick," he said. "Drink." The nightmare tasted like velvet and purple and volcanoes in her mouth. She sipped, and reality dissolved. #SoAtale

LINE 2 FROM @valmote : He repeated the ritual again until all 7 were under. No one putting up a fight. He wasn't surprised. This is what they paid him for. 

LINE 3 FROM  @Gem_Clair  :  Pocketing their cash, he took his real pay before they woke; a memory, a fear, a touch of desire from the girl. He drank them in. #SoAtale

LINE 4 FROM  @doug_said :  Suddenly the remembrance of a long-forgotten flavor touched his soul. Pained, he looked at her more closely. #soatale

FINAL LINE FROM  @janjonesauthor :  #SoAtale She didn't move. An Adept of the Nine Realms didn't have to. She opened her terrible mind and drank him in. And she laughed.