Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Millionaire's Pudding Club

This week's Westmorland Gazette newspaper cartoon is all about a pudding.

Not any old pudding. Not even a Queen of Puddings. It is a £22,000 Emperor's New Clothes of a pudding. 

No, I didn't fall asleep with my nose on the zero key. It costs £22,000. 

It's a cynical marketing exercise exclusive dessert whipped up by the chef of the Lindeth Howe Hotel, which is in Windermere, famous for it's deranged, millionaire holiday trade. Styled like a Faberge Egg (i.e. disgusting) it is apparently the world's most expensive pudding. Ingredients include edible gold, champaign caviar and a two-carat diamond. I'm not sure if the £22,000 includes the dentist bill when you crunch on the diamond.

Below you can see my thoughts on the pudding, in the form of sketches submitted for the front page cartoon. To see the one picked, rush out and buy a copy of the Gazette or visit my website from Friday morning.

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