Thursday, 9 February 2012


As snow settles on the Lake District, turning it into a winter wonderland (© WaltDisney) the thoughts of residents turns to one thing: Grit. Or the lack of it on the roads.
Elsewhere, geese are being culled, A-boards are being banned and new chairman is being parachuted into a failing NHS Trust. 
Yes, it’s all the news that’s fit to print in this week’s soaraway Westmoreland Gazette and therefore grist to the cartoonist’s light blue Studio 33 Derwent pencil.
Below are the cartoons with which I confronted my editor. Did he choose the right one? Only you can decide - add your comments below and then check out my website after midday to see if you were correct and whether you're the winner of this week’s star prize.*

“That should get round the A-board ban.”

“It’s our allocation of grit from the Council.”

“I came in as a patient but by the time I got to the head of the queue I’d qualified as a doctor.”

“As you’re a member of the NHS Trust, this is my prescription.”

“The new NHS Trust chairman certainly means business.”

* there isn't one

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