Thursday, 2 February 2012


People in the Lake District are a sensitive bunch. Blood pressures rise at the brief mention of a number of topics. But apparently that now includes T-shirts.
A shop in Kendal has had to place a placard in the window reading: “Warning. The police have received repeated complaints our Tee’s are offending public decency. We have no wish to offend anyone. If you are of a sensitive disposition. Please do not look in our window.”
Frankly, I think I’d be more likely to be upset by the misappropriation of the apostrophe. I think Ill write a letter to the paper.
Elsewhere in this week’s thunderingly-good Westmorland Gazette, there are stories about affordable housing, a cull of Canada geese and A-boards on pavements. The grist of the regional cartoonist’s mill (and I have no idea what that means). No Big Cats but Radio 4’s Today programme is making up for it, as I type, with a long piece about a Mystery Cat in another part of the country. Our Big Cat must have bought a day return rail ticket.
Here are the six sketches with which my editor was confronted yesterday. Look closely and see if you can spot which one made it to today's front page. You can check if you were right by visiting my website.

“Welcome to the club.”

“People get upset when we go out together.”

“I was on my way to visit his shop when I fell over his A-board.”

“Dear 2nd home owner - enjoy your holiday, we’re enjoying ours in your London home.”

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