Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cartoons stripped bare

A vigorous afternoon at the editorial cartoon newsface this week. 

The main, front page story features a couple of deaths on the local mountains, so not exactly the material to tackle, even if I wanted to. Instead I delved inside the paper and found stories about a government curb on 2nd homes (a favourite topic of mine), traffic warden wars and plans to get locals involved in digging trenches for rural broadband.

I duly sent off four ideas, plus one token bad-taste cartoon I knew wouldn't get in.

Shock horror - all rejected. And at 4.40pm when the deadline is 5.00!

Fortunately another story surfaced just in time: The British Naturist Club is planning a mass skinny-dip in Coniston Water. 

Don't they realise how cold it will be? It could seriously reduce the size of their membership.

Below you can see all seven cartoon ideas submitted to my steamed editor. You can discount the first five. But which of the last two got in?

Throw caution to the winds and dive over to my website to find out.

1 comment:

  1. No6 - definitely best of the bunch. Had me laughing out loud.