Thursday, 14 June 2012

Murder most fowl

Mystery abounds in this week's Westmorland Gazette newspaper (and no, I haven't a clue what "mystery abounds" means).

Locals were astonished to find themselves featuring in an Inspector Lynley novel by best-selling author Elizabeth George. Believing the Lie is set in South Lakeland and involves dodgy goings on at a local stately home. For those who haven't watched the dull exciting TV series, Inspector Lynley is a toff who slums it as a detective inspector and solves posh crimes involving members of the Bullingdon Club. Or something, I haven't stayed awake for a whole episode.

In other news, fell walkers are being swooped upon in dawn raids by a local buzzard.

As you can see, all of life's rich variety parades across the front of the Gazette. 

Below are the four ideas which went off to my editor (or the deputy editor, this week). But which got in? Was it my particular favourite? (Here is a clue: No.) Find out by turning immediately to my website to find out whodunit.


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  2. Yes No4 - I think it also involved you having a trip to Winton cop shop - if memory serves me correctly!

  3. I choose 3. Now off to see if I'm 'right'.