Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Unkindest Cut (Again)

I am a big fan of the National Health Service in general and the local Trust in particular. Over many years, it has provided a healthy diet of stories for my cartoon in The Westmorland Gazette.
This week it has served up another front page story with news that it is cutting 230 jobs in the coming months, in a bid to reduce its deficit (which was in turn the due to the combined efforts of managers, our glorious government and its predecessor).
A couple of other stories also drifted past the Cartoon Desk. 
The first is that passengers alighting at the railway station known as OXENHOLMETHELAKEDISTRICT are often distraught to discover that the nearest lake is 11 miles away.
The other story is that the recent visit to great Tower Scout Camp by the Duchess of Cambridge has caused a recruitment surge …
You can see all six ideas below. These were subjected to the stern gaze of my steamed editor
But which did he pick for the front page?
More to the point, which would you pick? 
Add your comments below and then hobble over to my website to see if morphic resonance has worked its magic.


  1. The second one. Cynical but oh so true.

  2. Number three. Sadly, I'm afraid it might be true.