Thursday, 18 April 2013

A plague of second homes

This week’s Westmorland Gazette front page story is about second homes in the Lake District. Again.
A report from the Cumbria Rural Housing Trust has identified a number of Lakeland villages which are in danger of becoming overwhelmed by second homes. Elterwater consists of 80% holiday homes, Skelwith Bridge 70% and many more are around the 50% mark. 

As house prices are forced up by second home ownership, and the number of young couples who can afford them decline, the Lake District is in danger of becoming a kid-free zone. 

And it is not unique to the Lake District, other areas like Devon and Cornwall are similarly affected. 

Second homes artificially inflate houses, lead to a reduction in local services, shops and schools and drive local people from the area. 
Now, I may have tackled this once or twice in my cartoon in the past. (At one point I was banned from doing cartoons about the subject.) But the story keeps coming round and I still have things to say about it.
Below are six sketches I pitched to my editor. In addition, there’s an idea which combines a local story (electricity cables being dug up and stolen), a national news story (you may have heard of it) and an element of bad taste.
Which, dear reader, do you think was the editor choice for today’s front page? 

Place your vote in the comments box below. Then take a trip to my website to see if you were right.


  1. he he he :) As always I like them all but probably enjoyed maybe number two and the Frankenthatcher ones best (no idea why!) Now off to look at what your steamed editor says ....

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  3. "...inflate houses..." - Colin, you have solved the problem. Allow inflatable second homes, as long as they are deflated and put away when the owners are not in residence. Tax the non-inflatable ones and use the money to provide affordable housing for locals.

  4. I like the first one best Colin. The last one is a little naughty lol