Thursday, 28 March 2013

Doom Robes and Snow Globes

Last weekend Cumbria was hit by the worst snow storm since 1950. 
There were drifts up to twenty feet deep, 70 motorists were snowed in and had to stay for two nights in the local school, electricity cables came down and there was general chaos, as you can see in these BBC pictures.
The snow has continued all week. In fact, there are flakes falling as I type this. It’s like we’re in a giant snow globe and someone keeps shaking it up.
Or a giant doom robe, as autocorrect insisted on calling it when I tried to tweet that remark this morning. (After some debate, my Twitter followers and I decided that a doom robe was Voldemort’s dressing gown.)
My garden shed decided to put on a particularly fetching display of shedcicles.

No prize for guessing the subject of this week’s front page Westmorland Gazette cartoon. The three ideas below were all pitched to my steamed editor - but which one would YOU have chosen? 
Vote in the comments box below, then put on your skis and swoosh across to my website to see if the editor agreed with you.

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