Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mapping a Legacy

I have drawn a few maps, including the world-renowned Lap Maps. Usually they are a cartoon take on geography, occasionally the map is more idiosyncratic.

Earlier this year I was contacted by Emily Brewer of Legacy Storybooks. Emily is based in the USA and has just started a rather unusual business. She works with clients to assemble a story about their lives which can be produced for her clients' children, friends and local community.

Emily is writer, designer and history enthusiast who has found a way to launch an exciting new business by drawing the additional talent she requires from around the globe.

Her first book is Howard the Boy and it required a map of Pennsylvania which had a storybook look to it. Emily found me via my website and got in touch with a very detailed brief.

The project was great fun to work on. I know some of the area being covered and working with US clients is always a delight for a number of reasons: They're unfailingly enthusiastic, I get 5 hours extra on the daily deadline and they spell color sensibly (go away UK spell-checker).

This is the result (click the map for a larger image):

You can find Emily's website here.

And a few more of my maps on my site here.

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