Friday, 4 April 2014

High Flying

Model aeroplanes rarely feature in newspaper headlines. It is not the most controversial of hobbies and the participants are usually genial, pillars of society, the sort of fine, upstanding chaps (mostly) that anyone would be proud to know.

This week, however, one of them got into terrible trouble. A radio control model aeroplane was being flown at Barrow when it went out of control and flew into the restricted airspace around BAE Systems. BAE, as you probably know, make submarines of the nuclear variety so aren't too keen on camera-equipped drones going a fly past.

The result? £4000 worth of fines for the hobbyist.

This was my favourite cartoon target for this week's Westmorland Gazette. I was momentarily detained by the story about an Alpine climbing school relocating to Kendal, but only for one cartoon.

Here are the sketches I submitted to my steamed editor. Which would you have picked for the front page? Make your decision public in the comments boxes below.

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