Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Hollywood for Postman Pat

Everyone loves Postman Pat

When we heard that Hollywood was going to make a film of his adventures, the excitement in the Westmorland Gazette newsroom was palpable. Who would they cast? Debate raged: John Travolta was a natural for Pat, Scarlett Johanson was born to play Jess the cat and Tom Cruise a shoe-in for Granny Dryden.

I hope that Pat's originator, John Cunliffe, had some input into the casting. He could always ask fellow-Yorkshire resident Joanne Harris for Johnny Depp's number

But the excitement doesn't end there. Postman Pat is returning to his roots with a special gala screening in Kendal on 23 May.

So it is no surprise that almost half this week's Westmorland Gazette is taken up with this important, star-studded news and there could be no finer subject for the cartoon. Below are the ideas I pitched to my steamed editor. But which would YOU pick for the front page cartoon? Vote in the comments below and then head over to my website post haste to see if you were right.

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