Friday, 27 May 2011

Don't All Rush

Dramatic news from The Westmorland Gazette this week - the Lake District is awash with gold.

Nearly. It’s awash with gold prospectors. There are 40 of them around South Lakes alone. (It would have been more in the spirit of things if there were 49 of them, but never mind.)

It turns out that gold prospecting is a burgeoning hobby. More labour intensive than metal detecting but similarly attracting groups of lonely, sad… um, enthusiastic men in sensible outer-garments, who like nothing better than pottering around, poking about for a hidden fortune. I prefer to do my  prospecting down the back of the sofa, where the haul of treasure is more reliable.

But is was a good topic for the cartoon this week. Below you can see the four ideas I pitched to the Gazette’s editor. Turn to my website now if you wish to see which one he selected.

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