Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Who did you say you were?

Fresh from the excitement of last week’s Royal Wedding and giddy with anticipation of this week’s AV Referendum, another Royal story is the subject of this week's Westmorland Gazette cartoon. A local man has traced his ancestors all the way back to an ancestor of Elizabeth II. It makes him 4200000000th in line to the throne, apparently. Exciting for him but no reports yet on how thrilled the Queen is about this.

(On a side note: Do members of the Royal family ever trace their ancestors to see if they’re related to any common oiks?)
Other stories in the news … toilet closures again … Kendal is the best place to pass your driving test … some bearded bloke shot in a foreign country …
Below, for your delectation and delight (or not) are the sketches sent to my newspaper. You can see which got onto the front page by buying Thursday’s Westmorland Gazette or visiting my website.

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  1. I nearly choked on my coffee at that first one Colin :-)