Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal flush

It’s only a day away and the whole of Lakeland is bursting with excitement …
Or maybe simply bursting.
Overshadowing news of the forthcoming nuptials, South Lakeland residents are in an outrage. The Council’s brilliant ploy of closing public toilets to save money has had the predicted consequences. Queues of frustrated visitors, some of whom have marked their displeasure by… um … marking the outside of the closed public toilets.
Not very welcoming for an area which relies on tourist income. The fact that it is also an area with lots of lakes, waterfalls and running water probably only makes it worse.
But it was, once again, the subject of this week’s Westmorland Gazette cartoon. With a bit of judicious bad taste, I was able to combine it with the week’s Big Event.
You can see the submitted ideas below, in all their sketchy, blue pencil line glory. To find out which burst forth onto the front page, rush out and buy a copy of the newspaper or run over to my website

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