Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Close and be Damned

Cumbria County Council are starting a consultation process about the closure of rural libraries and the junking of the mobile library service. This is all part of Cameron’s Bold New Big Society, in which those who are big enough to go to posh schools survive and to hell with the rest.

The Westmorland Gazette is a family newspaper so, sadly, I can’t say what I really think about this idea for fear of putting people off their cornflakes. It rhymes with duck-knitted.
Anyway, here are the options I did submit. 

As usual, the chosen cartoon will be on the front of tomorrow’s paper and adorning my website.

Buy the paper on the way to your local library. You are using it, aren’t you …?


  1. Agreed - No four 4 me too!
    I thought it was her handbag being aimed at County Hall at first - but I got there in the end!