Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Going Gaga

Last week’s Westmorland Gazette uncovered a hitherto unsuspected undercurrent in South Lakeland society; royal apathy. Apparently in the whole area, there have been only two applications for street parties to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of Prince …um… you know, the oldest one and Kate …er something.
Locals are much more thrilled at the prospect of Lady Gaga arriving in Carlisle for this year’s Radio One Roadshow (I’m given to understand that this it’s something to do with popular beat music enjoyed by young persons).
These were the topics of the front page cartoon. Below you can see the scruffy pencil sketches which were presented to the editor. In fact, this was one of those occasions when I presented four and was cruelly sent away to think of some more. This is usually a guarantee that I will deliberately think of some bad taste alternatives. This time, however, I was being polite.
You can see the cartoon which battled its way to the front page by popping over to my website.

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  1. Wedding should have been arranged for summer months when weather is normally better. Being outside in cold, wind and rain not my cup of tea.
    Bit early even to watch cricket. On Charles and Di's wedding day in July, I had a great day's cricket in Bournemouth, along with a great many other like minded males!