Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Counting the days

It’s not long now until the major event which has gripped the nation, when we all come together to celebrate that most hallowed of things … the return of Doctor Who.
And a week after that, there’s the Royal Wedding.
To celebrate (the Wedding, not the peripatetic Time Lord), Kate Middleton’s family has commissioned a Coat of Arms. This features a number of elements including, apparently, reference to the Lake District. At least, it does according to The Westmorland Gazette who offered the story for my consideration this week.
The other cartoon candidate was much more amusing. A local council election on May 5th has been cancelled. The reason? Two of the candidates filled in a part of their forms which said “six words only” by putting in seven words. Cue cries of outrage and “it’s bureaucracy gone mad”.
I pitched the regulation four cartoons … only to have them all rejected. And lo, there was much dark muttering within Cartoon Towers.
As usual my harsh but fair editor was quite right and the second batch was better. There was the token bad taste joke but see if you can spot which one got in the paper.
The answer will be on the front page of tomorrow’s Gazette and printed upside down on my website.

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  1. I vote for "That's what rules are five." It made me chuckle aloud.