Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Stalactite Nights

Drawing cartoons for a newspaper is an odd way to earn a living. 
A major UK news organisation gives me money. In return, I produce some scribbly ideas. One of these is then refined into a finished drawing. This gets placed on the front page in a computer program. The page goes down some wires to a printing press. The presses roll, the newspaper is distributed and the following day the cartoon makes several tens of thousand people laugh over breakfast.
It’s very odd, when you start to think about it.
But perhaps not as odd as agreeing to get married in a hole in the ground. Not me, I hasten to point out, but the subjects of one of the stories in this week’s cartoon.
It’s the old story. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Boy and girl decide to get married. They invite all their friends underground for the service.
Did I mention that they are both potholers?
Elsewhere in the paper is the news that Google Street View has issued a self-serving fatuous press-release held a competition and the A591 beside Grasmere has been voted the most romantic stretch of road in Britain.
Below are my sketches on these two stories. To find out which made it to the front page, join the thousands and buy the newspaper on Thursday morning. Or be one of the millions and find the answer on my website.

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