Wednesday, 15 June 2011

That Pesky Wabbit

This week’s blog and Westmorland Gazette story comes straight from the Department of Irony.
On the west side of Windermere lies a pair of tiny hamlets called Near and Far Sawrey. In one of these stands a little, Lakeland cottage called Hill Top. And within that house once lived a lady called Beatrix Potter who became very famous for writing her first book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. And over the next 110 years, people came from all over the world to see the funny little house where this funny little lady wrote this funny little book … and she became world famous, all because of a funny little rabbit.
And now, the locals are rather less keen on funny little rabbits because the local rabbit population has got somewhat out of control. There has been a veritable bunny boom in population and both hamlets are knee-deep in rabbits and the funny little locals are not at all happy.
After ruminating for a while, this was my reaction to this tale. Can you guess which cartoon my Big Bad Editor chose, children? *

* See my website or Thursday’s Westmorland Gazette for the answer.
P.S. He’s not that Big.


  1. What about The Bumper Book of Lakeland Rabbit Recipes?

  2. Clearly we share the same cultural references (and only the finest culture).