Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sky High

In the 1980s, low flying jets were a popular topic for the Westmorland Gazette cartoon. The letters pages were full of complaints from unpatriotic locals, complaining bitterly at the noise as a brave airmen refined their hair-trigger skills to defend the realm against the incursion of Johnny Foreigner and his alien hordes.
One result of this was the Windermere Air Show, which the RAF supported as a thank you for putting up with their training exercises over the Lakes.
Wind forward and this year, people are complaining because they can’t see the jets flying over the Lakes. Or, more precisely, they’re complaining about being made to do so.
Windermere’s 11th Air Show last weekend was run by an event management company. So not only did they charge for parking and programmes, but access to The Glebe (a public park) was by entrance fee only. As it provided the most obvious vantage point for most people (the unimaginative ones), there has been An Outcry and, inevitably, Letters To The Press.
Meanwhile, in other news, research has shown that over the last 20,000 years, people in the north have developed bigger brains than those in the south. Northern newspapers have been very keen to report this research. I can’t think why - but then I am an unrepentant Southerner.
Here are this week’s choices which I presented ot the editor. Only one received the Seal of Approval and appears on the front page of this week’s Gazette …

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