Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Thin Blue Line

This week’s major UK news story has heaped revelation upon resignation. Corruption extends to the highest echelons of the media, police and politics. What can be done? Who can replace the people at the top? Who do we trust now that even the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and his Deputy have resigned over the scandal?
Well, Cumbria Police have an idea or two. They’ve been recruiting local school children to illustrate crime. The results ranged from bank robberies, drug dealing, incidents of violent crime … and you thought the Lakes was a rural idyll. Ha.
Clearly this was ideal territory for this week’s Westmorland Gazette cartoon.
Below, you can see the sketches I pitched to our esteemed editor. And if you tootle over to my website, you can see the one he chose. It was a damned difficult drawing this week.

"If the police are using kids as photofit artists, you and me are in deep trouble."

"Great. So the suspect is a dead ringer for Spongebob Squarepants."

"According to our child artist, this is the drug dealer we're looking for."

"I need trauma counselling. I've just seen the kids' pictures of violent crime."

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