Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Once upon a time in the Lakes

Once upon a time there were four people in suits who lived deep in the forest in the Lake District. Their names were Gavin, Giles, Charlotte and Araminta because they all worked in marketing for the Cumbria Tourist Board.

"What we need," said Giles, "Is more visitors."

"Gosh, yes," said Araminta, "But how do we, you know, like, get people to come here?" (Araminta had spent too much time with young people and wasn't very articulate. Or whatever.)

"We could hold a Festival," said Gavin, who liked festivals because he used to go to them when he was younger and smoke things which gave him ideas.

"Festivals are so-o-o yesterday," scorned Araminta.

"I know," said Charlotte, who had a brain, "Let's market the area to movie people and then we can get lots of films made here and people will see them and want to rush up here and see where they were filmed."

And so this is what they did. And the movie people came and did all their filming in the Lake District and then a few months later, Snow White and the Huntsman appeared in the cinemas and everyone was happy.

And a few weeks later, a court jester did cartoons about it for the local scroll and this is what he showed to the bad ogre his editor. To see the happy ending, visit the jester's website, which isn't deep in the woods but over here.

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