Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Writing is on the Wall

Grasmere is famous as the home of William Wordsworth. Everyone knows Dove Cottage but the poet's other two houses are less familiar to the general public.

This year, that changes. Allan Bank is now open to the public. It was the house that Wordsworth lived in after Dove Cottage but for 200 years it has remained closed to the public.

It's a fine building, despite Wordsworth's famous comment on it being "a temple of abomination" when Mr Crump built it. And it's in a lovely location. But it is a little undecorated.

The National trust had a bright idea about this; get the public involved. No, visitors don't get handed a brush and a tin of Thingy and Ball post paint - they're asked to write their ideas on a wall in the house.

This has been such a success it made this week's Westmorland Gazette and thereby fell under the stern gaze of the cartoonist.

Here are the three sketches submitted to the editor. To see which one graces the front page, rush to my web site.

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