Thursday, 23 May 2013

I’ll Huff And I’ll Puff …

Serious stuff on the front page of this week’s soaraway Westmorland Gazette
A team of naughty estate agents has been passing itself off as chartered surveyors and issue false certificates for houses. Not only is this fraud but has horrible insurance implications for the naughty estate agents’ victims.
Not a laugh a minute topic but one I wanted to have a go at. There were certain legal implications (although one colleague dismissed these as: “They got banged up in jail so who cares?”), so you have the added bonus of being able to play Spot The Difference.
Elsewhere, a report has shown extreme levels of poverty in Barrow. Fewer signs of poverty amongst Cumbria County Councillors.
And there has been another wind farm fuss. There is always a wind farm fuss. At least our climate-baked descendants won’t have any nasty wind mills spoiling their view of the desert plains of the Dales.
Here are the ideas I pitched to my steamed editor (who is available for talks to the W.I. By the way). 
Choose one. 
Make your choice known in the comments box below (not on Twitter, Facebook, a toilet wall or via the medium of telepathy) and then skip nimbly to my website and see if you’re in tune with my steamed editor.


  1. The first jailbirds are my favourite! Always good to plan your escape!