Monday, 9 September 2013

Kenya Sketchbook 3

This is the third of my Kenya sketchbooks. Click the links below for the previous blogs.

Kenya sketchbook 1

Kenya sketchbook 2

Relaxing at the coast at Watamu seemed very indulgent after camping on safari. It did, however, give more relaxed opportunities for sketching.

Here is one of our waiters, bringing Kenyan tea, known as Chai. It is made from tea and milk but differs from the Brit variety in that both are boiled up together. 

One of the other guests, sporting the braided hair which seems very popular in Kenya t the moment.

I loved the Kenyan architecture, the use of wood and rushes especially. I now want to knit my own garden office out of rushes and a few wooden poles. It took a while to get used to being somewhere where restaurants have a roof and … no wall or closing door. Definitely not Cumbria.

The use of timber poles even extended to scaffolding on construction sites. Very exciting if it is a five story building in the centre of Nairobi.

Another guest, this time a teenage lad. The same the world over …

The receptionist, who spent most of her time on her mobile. 20-somethings the world over, etc. etc.

Once on the 'plane home, the flight attendants are other good subjects.

The purser on Kenya Airways had the wonderful first name of Jepchumba. She suited her name and was very cheery.

The trip was over far too soon. Fortunately, whilst on the safari I had along a stereo audio recorder and pair of mics and have come back with several hours worth of material. You can't beat working to the sound of Kenyan tree frogs …

… in fact, I've enjoyed listening to them so much I have yet to download them to the blog. Come back tomorrow (Tuesday) for the unexpected 4th and final part of the Kenya sketchbook.

Click any of the images to see a larger version. Possibly in 3D.

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