Thursday, 19 September 2013

Term Time Blues

An education controversy from the Department of Education? Surely, such a thing is unheard of?

Apparently not. I was shocked to discover this week that all is not light and harmony within the education sector. The latest wheeze of education secretary Michael Gove is that children taken out of school to go on holiday, should be fined. Or rather, their parents should be fined.

No more cheap holidays for Cumbria parents. Now if they try and grab a term-time bargain break, they could be charged up to £120 by the County Council.

This is the lead story in today's super, soaraway Westmorland Gazette. And below you can see the four ideas I submitted to go on the front page.

But which did my steamed editor pick? Match your editorial wits against his, vote for your choice in the comments below and then take a break over on my website and see if you were right.

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