Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gull Power

There is nothing quite like analysing a problem and applying scientific thinking to its resolution.
Alternatively, you can dredge up a vague anecdote and see if that works.
The latter approach is being tried to prevent Ulverston Business Centre being mobbed by herring gulls. Business tenants are having problems being heard on the phone. All that squawking and squealing is being drowned out by the sound of the seagulls.
Fortunately, the manager of the Business Centre had read something about gulls being deterred by a Manchester United birthday cake. So paint the roof red. On the other hand, someone else had a friend whose uncle once worked in Qatar and swore blind that they painted roofs white to keep birds away.
A spokesperson for the RSPCA is on record as being a tad ‘sceptical’ but they decided to try both ideas anyway.
This was the subject of my cartoon for today’s soaraway Westmorland Gazette. Below you can see the ideas I pitched to my steamed editor.
Which did he choose?
For the answer, wing it to my website.

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