Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mo Olympics

The Olympics are over, the sun has gone behind the clouds, the politicians will soon be back from their summer hols …
Is there nothing which can cheer up the cartoon in this week’s Westmorland Gazette?
Well, yes. The Olympics aren’t quite over. It turns out there is one more story left in them; a local firm has been providing cryogenic treatment for Olympic champion Mo Farrah.
This apparently involves standing in a liquid-nitrogen cooled room for up to three minutes in order to um, well, do things to the bloodstream and stuff. Anyway, clearly it worked in Mo’s case so hurrah for local firms!
In other news, a Virgin balloon crashed in South Lakes. Good job that was the only bit of bad news for Virgin this week.
Here is the selection of cartoons I thrust at my steamed editor. Which would you have chosen?
Turn to my website to find out if you matched his finely-honed editorial instincts.

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