Thursday, 9 August 2012

Water world

The sun is shining, Team GB is winning millions of medals in the Olympics, Curiosity has landed safely on Mars, it’s 5pm on a Wednesday, the cartoon artwork has gone off down the interweb to The Westmorland Gazette, all is right with the world …
It was a varied but jolly bunch of stories in this week’s cartoon in-tray. A storm-chaser spotted a tornado over Morecambe Bay, a company has started running an open-air cinema in Lakeland and Kendal’s famous bells have been deemed too loud and keep people awake at night.
Here is my take on the various stories. As usual, I presented my steamed editor with a variety of scribbly ideas. But which did he choose? Will you pick the same one?
Visit my website to see if you did. There is a massive prize for the winner*.

* There isn’t.

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