Thursday, 1 November 2012

Going down a storm

There are a number of standard reactions when I tell people I do the front page cartoon for The Westmorland Gazette. These include:

"Oh, which cartoon do you do?" (there is only one)

"You don't look like a cartoonist."


"What's The Westmorland Gazette?"

The question I like least is: "Do you ever have a week when you can't think of any jokes?"

This is because it guarantees that I'll have difficulty thinking of any jokes that week.

So there I was, lounging about in editorial, staring at the ceiling and pretending to work, when up came new journalist Hannah. "Do you ever have a week …?" And my mind immediately went blank.

To be fair (to me and Hannah) it was one of those weeks when no single story sprang out as an obvious candidate for the cartoon. My first sketch was a bad-taste warm up. The second was about Kendal's twin-town Rinteln celebrating 20 years of twinning with a groovy sign in the main street of Kendal. Then a rare Australian black swan has been seen um, swanning about the river. And finally, a local artist held an exhibition only to have it closed down immediately when the curators realised he was more BNP than RAA.

So here is this week'squiz. Which did the editor choose? Would you have chosen the same?

Answers on a postcard - or in the comments box below. The answer will be revealed on my website.

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