Thursday, 15 November 2012

Going for a spin

Occasionally, when I enter the newsroom at The Westmorland Gazette, there is one story which everyone expects me to do. 
Even before I’ve read the stories, a reporter will say, “Oh, are you going to do so-and-so. That would make a good cartoon.”
This naturally makes me suspicious that it involves sheep (perils of being a Lake District cartoonist) or toilets (perils of being a cartoonist).
But this week the reporter was right.
Earlier this week, a £220,000 limited-edition Lamborghini Murcielago was delivered to a local garage for an MOT. In order to test the brakes, one of the mechanics had to take it for a spin. Unfortunately he took this rather too literally, crashing into a Ford Focus and causing £20,000 worth of damage to the Lambo. The cost of damage to the Focus wasn’t given but assuming a write-off, I’m guessing about £47.15.
Only 4,000 Murcielagos have ever been made (possibly for reasons of taste), so the owner wasn’t too thrilled to find his 630bhp, 4-wheel drive Italian supercar looking significantly worse than when it went into the garage.
With ingredients such as these, this story will be all over the tabloids later this week so how could I not want to do cartoons about it?
Below are the contestants for this week’s front page. Declare your favourite in the comment box below and then roar over to my website to see if you were right. You could win a Lamborghini* (delivered in several instalments).

Click on the cartoon for a bigger, better, washes-whiter version.

* But not from this blog.

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